De Bernardi offers the more complete range of spiral flexible hoses in PVC, PUR, and different technical fabrics to satisfy whatever demand in all different utilization fields (air suction and dedusting, dust, combustion fumes, exhaust gas, chemical vapours with temperature range from -150°C up to 1100°C).

Furthemore, due to a number of materials combinations (plastic films, latest generation elastomers, special technical fabrics coatings with the most state-of-the-art thermoplastics/elastomers, the purest and strongest polyurethans) and to the most advanced manufacturing techniques (thermo-welding, vulcanization, crimping), we can supply any user with the ideal solution to perfectly meet the requirements of any specific application:

  • 8 types of flexible hoses for Ventilation and Suction
  • 9 types of flexible hoses for Dedusting
  • 10 types of flexible hoses for High-very high Temperatures
  • 15 types of flexible hoses for Air Conditioning
  • 3 types of Semi-Rigid and self-supporting hoses (in aluminium and stainless steel)

Our force resides in the high quality of the materials used, in a deep knowledge of all the problems in the different fields (more than 30 years experience) and in a steady check  on all manufacture lines.

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